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SubjectRe: No, really, stop trying to delete slab until you've finished making slub perform as well
Jamie Lokier wrote:
> Vaguely on this topic, has anyone studied the effects of SLAB/SLUB
> etc. on MMUless systems?

The reason is that MMU-less systems are extremely sensitive to
fragmentation. Every program started on those systems must allocate a
large contiguous block for the code and data, and every malloc >1 page
is the same. If memory is too fragmented, starting new programs fails.

The high-order page-allocator defragmentation lately should help with

The different behaviours of SLAB/SLUB might result in different levels
of fragmentation, so I wonder if anyone has compared them on MMU-less
systems or fragmentation-sensitive workloads on general systems.

-- Jamie

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