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    SubjectRe: [PATCH 1/3] posix-timers: don't switch to ->group_leader if ->it_process dies
    On 08/03, Roland McGrath wrote:
    > The key thing that the old code does it to drop the ref to the old task as
    > soon as it notices.

    I thought about this too. But, again, this doesn't actually work. And it is
    very easy to pin the dead task_struct. The user can just create the
    SIGEV_THREAD_ID timer and kill the sub-thread (->it_process). Without
    calling timer_settime() the timer can't notice the death.

    (just in case, please note that the next patch doesn't make things worse,
    when ->group_leader dies the timer should be destroyed soon).

    > It may be worthwhile to do that in the case where
    > send_sigqueue fails.

    I think it is better to convert the posix timers to use "struct pid*" instead
    of "struct task_struct*". This change looks more or less straightforward, and
    it should fix the problem.


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