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SubjectRe: [fuse-devel] [PATCHSET] CUSE: implement CUSE

Archie Cobbs wrote:
>> Thought about that but it's really no different from nbd or loop
>> depending on your application and block devices don't really implement
>> the file operations so it won't have too much in common with FUSE.
> I think BUSE would be useful. For one, it allows you to avoid problems with
> the extra caching you get with a loopback device. And NBD is too limiting
> for some applications.
> For my half-ignorant analysis of the caching issues, see:
> This is also an example of an application where NBD doesn't suffice.
>> Also, there's the complication of going out to disk for more memory cases.
> Not sure what you mean exactly (my fault), but it seems BUSE would have fewer
> places for memory problems (including deadlocks) than loopback over FUSE,
> which is the only way to do this kind of stuff now.

Yeah, compared to loopback over FUSE, anything would have less
problem. :-) I don't know much about nbd but it's pretty much solving
the same problem so I think it's logical to extend nbd including
giving it a new transport if necessary? Or is there something
fundamentally better when it's done via FUSE?



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