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SubjectRe: Introduce interface to report BIOS bugs (reworked, FW_BUG simple solution)
On Wed 2008-08-27 15:27:08, Thomas Renninger wrote:
> Even simplier, using FW_BUG define. I agree that the first implementation
> was over-designed, I somehow liked the printk_fw_err() and printk_fw_info()
> more, looked somehow more consistent with:
> #define pr_info(fmt, arg...) \
> printk(KERN_INFO fmt, ##arg)
> (and others).
> Hmm, it shouldn't really matter.
> I wonder whether it works out that messages are hidden to the ordinary
> user with printk(KERN_INFO FW_BUG...).
> Something that vendors get an idea that they should not do this, but
> hiding it on a normally booted system is needed (but e.g. show it on a
> linuxfirmwarekit booted kernel).
> printk(KERN_DEBUG FW_BUG...)
> Won't work because there you get too much output?
> Are these patches sufficient to achieve above?
> Thomas
> PS: Forgot to add Pavel to CC who also commented on previous patches,
> it's work to do it right now, I expect you read this anyway.

Pavel listens, but sees no patch on either this or followup mail.


(cesky, pictures)

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