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SubjectRe: [ RT PATCH] seqlock: serialize against writers

/me adds "RT" to subject.

On Fri, 29 Aug 2008, Stephen Hemminger wrote:
> I have mixed feelings about this. The point of this primitive was for
> cases where write contention was rare and writers only did small updates.
> So what you did was fix the primitive for cases where it is being misused.
> Do you have a real example where this is a problem? If so then the
> user of seqlock should be fixed, rather than fixing seqlock.

I think there's some confusion here, because of the changes to raw. The
raw_seqlock_t and mainline seqlock_t has no issue, and should not be

What Gregory is solving is an issue in -rt where we let write seqlocks be
preempted. Thus this causes issues with determinism. This is a special
case for -rt, and -rt only. It should not affect mainline in anyway.

Sorry for the noise.

-- Steve

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