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    SubjectRe: [PATCH 4/5] select: make select() use schedule_hrtimeout()
    > "schedule_timeout()", there's a big difference between asking for two 
    > ticks and asking for two seconds. The latter should probably try to round
    > to a nice timer tick basis for power reasons).

    I disagree - that is fixing the problem in the wrong place. The timer
    structure needs an accuracy field of some form that the existing timer
    functions initialise to 0.

    On a heavily loaded system with things like network events the behaviour
    of the overall system is too complex to do the job well except at the
    timer level which seems all. At the virtualisation level the hypervisor
    needs to be doing the work to merge timer events between guests for power

    Once the timers have an accuracy representation there doesn't need to be
    any real difference anywhere in the stack.


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