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SubjectRe: pull request: wireless-2.6 2008-08-26
On Thursday 28 August 2008 12:52:36 Tomas Winkler wrote:
> Do you know how the TSF is actually synchronized from the HW perspective?

no, unfortuately i have no idea. also i should admit that we have problems
with atheros hardware in that we don't know when the RX timestamp is taken
exactly. this means our IBSS merge can't be 100% exact. but the usual case we
need to catch is when the beacon TSF is much higher than the local TSF.

i don't care about IBSS power-save right now.

> > with the same HW but it did not work any more - i didn't have the time to
> > investigate this issue...
> There is another IBSS bug that was introduced connected to rates maybe
> this is also your problem.. we have something in the pipe that should
> solve this.

good, i'll retest once you subitted the patch.

> Sure but if TSF is not adopted correctly and that's the case probably
> of most of the drivers under mac80211 then it makes
> worth. Just need to be aware of this.

true, we need to find a way to support this hardware too...


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