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Subjectmounting windows shares with path exactly like on windows
I'm sorry to be slightly off topic, when it comes to this list, but I have no clue where to look for that and I think it can be doe on kernel level only.

In short - I've got bunch of applications running both on windows and linux and these applications exchange links to files mounted on both sides. The problem is that these paths are different, i.e. like D:/dir/file on windows and /mountpoint/dir/file on Linux. What I need is unifying them. So my idea is to have path translator on anything on kernel level, which will make Linux open call to D:/dir/file on Linux work and open /mountpoint/dir/file. Was anything close to that ever incorporated in kernel?

Applications are, as usual, closed source, and support for them, also as usual, answers "won't be fixed, switch to Windows, please". Very helpful.

Any other ideas of solving this problem are also warmly welcomed. Also on windows side.

Nie szukam kochanka!

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