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SubjectRe: libata, Sound on same IRQ : flaky sound
Robert M. Stockmann <stock <at>> writes:

> the BIOS supports raid0, but the sata disks are running standalone
> as /dev/sda /dev/sdb etc.
> installing a recent kernel is not that easy, as the required
> upgrade of udev will break the initscripts and a lot of installed
> services and even the functionality of the KDE desktop. Installing
> a recent distro is not desirable as they resemble me only
> of a Open Source Vista distro, where it takes months to clean
> up the unwanted garbage and bloat inside. Its preposterous that
> a upgrade to a recent kernel mandates the installation of a recent
> distro. I run Mandrake 10.1 with kernel 2.6.15 and some applications
> upgraded like firefox, mplayer and k3b etc.
> Robert

If you don't want bloat AND you want a recent kernel AND lots to fiddle around
and figure out for yourself, install PLD Linux :) No, seriously. Last time I
tried, a usable graphic environment (GNOME that is, dunno about KDE) fitted in
300-500 MiB ON DISK. (without graphical env. fitted in 150MB ON DISK). Try that.

el es

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