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SubjectRe: [patch 00/03] USB-IP patches
Em Thu, Aug 28, 2008 at 04:00:16PM -0700, escreveu:
> Here's 3 patches that adds USB-IP functionality code to the kernel tree.
> It is against 2.6.27-rc4, and has been added to the -staging tree. If
> there are no major objections, I'll also queue it up in the usb tree for
> submission into 2.6.28.
> The code is based on Takahiro's great work that has been sitting outside
> of the kernel for many many years now. Brian Merrell took the most
> recent version of the code, cleaned it up and sent it to me. I did more
> cleanup and split the patch into 3 pieces, making it a bit easier to
> work with.
> There are still a number of warnings/errors emitted, and
> Brian said he would work on them in the upcoming weeks, but they don't
> distract from the basic functionality and a good review would be nice to
> have.
> We do need some more documentation for how to use this code (you need
> the tools at, and how the sysfs files are exporting data
> to userspace. Brian, can you write up the sysfs interface in the format
> that Documentation/ABI/ details and also provide some kind of basic
> HOWTO to include in the kernel source tree?

Great stuff, I almost worked on udp_hcd or something along these lines,
will definetely take a look! :-)

- Arnaldo

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