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Subject[patch 00/03] USB-IP patches
Here's 3 patches that adds USB-IP functionality code to the kernel tree.

It is against 2.6.27-rc4, and has been added to the -staging tree. If
there are no major objections, I'll also queue it up in the usb tree for
submission into 2.6.28.

The code is based on Takahiro's great work that has been sitting outside
of the kernel for many many years now. Brian Merrell took the most
recent version of the code, cleaned it up and sent it to me. I did more
cleanup and split the patch into 3 pieces, making it a bit easier to
work with.

There are still a number of warnings/errors emitted, and
Brian said he would work on them in the upcoming weeks, but they don't
distract from the basic functionality and a good review would be nice to

We do need some more documentation for how to use this code (you need
the tools at, and how the sysfs files are exporting data
to userspace. Brian, can you write up the sysfs interface in the format
that Documentation/ABI/ details and also provide some kind of basic
HOWTO to include in the kernel source tree?


greg k-h

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