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SubjectRe: [PATCH 6/6] sched: disabled rt-bandwidth by default
> And I'm not really interested. Quite frankly, I suspect the "we want to 
> run something like pulseaudio with RT priorities" camp is the more common
> one, and in that context I understand limiting SCHED_FIFO sounds perfectly
> understandable.

Is there actually a reason we can't have two forms of SCHED_FIFO. For
hard RT the existing behaviour is a lot more useful and it is hard to see
how you'd emulate it.

> quite frankly, most programmers aren't "supposedly bad". And if you think
> that the hard-RT "real man" programmers aren't bad, I really have nothing
> to say.

"real man" programmers stare at the code in Zen contemplation and debug
by powercycling - thats one thing even hard RT processes can't beat.


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