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SubjectRe: SLES10 SP1 (x86_64): Hard-hang when using NFSv4 from HP-UX
On Thu, 28 Aug 2008, Ulrich Windl wrote:

> > > Mounting the filesystems as NFSv3 causes no problems at all, using NFSv4 makes
> > > every file open() attempt to hang hard. I must "kill -9" the processes. Even
> > > "umount -vat nfs4" hangs on umount().
> > Sorry, but this mailinglist would be appropriate only if this happens
> > still with current vanilla kernel.
> > Otherwise, you should report this problem to your vendor (Novell bugzilla
> > in this case).
> (ingoring the fact your opinion may be influenced by SUSE/Novell)

In what sense? Do you think I am trying to direct as much bugs as possible
our way? :)

> Are you saying that SUSE/Novell added bugs regarding NFS4 that are not
> present in the vanilla kernel, or are you saying that the vanilla kernel
> may have fixed NFSv4 bugs that SUSE/Novell did not fix? Why shouldn't
> anybody be interested in the fact that there are problems?

linux-kernel malinglist is focused on vanilla kernel development. i.e. all
the bugs that are present in the current version of the code are very
welcome to be reported here.

SLES10 is based on 2.6.16 kernel, which has little interest for vanilla
kernel developers. The bug you might be seeing could be caused by some
SLES-specific patch (which is not probable, there are not many out-of-tree
patches really), could have been fixed already a long time ago in upstream
kernel version, or could be still present. Upstream kernel developers are
interested only in the latest case. Otherwise, it's up to your distro
kernel vendor to provide support.

Jiri Kosina

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