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SubjectRe: loaded router, excessive getnstimeofday in oprofile
On Thursday 28 August 2008, Eric Dumazet wrote:
> OK, please try oprofile with call graph analysis.
I did already. Even because most of programs (except ripd/zebra) can be
killed, and i kill them, it doesn't change almost anything.

it seems heavy things causing instability:

1)HTB (resolution can be lowered to improve performance, i will try Jarek
patch soon)
2)ocassionally ping/tcpdump other SO_TIMESTAMP users
3)Probably softlockup detection. Disabled already, i will come back to it
soon, if it is required.

One of other issues i notice - "CACHE MISS" cause maybe almost 5-10% in
oprofile in u32, but i am not sure it is interesting subject to discuss. I
have to optimize all my iproute2 rules first.

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