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SubjectRe: [PATCH] exit signals: use of uninitialized field notify_count
On 08/27, Steve VanDeBogart wrote:
> It looks like that would work. Seems that
> sig->count == 0 && sig->group_exit_task != NULL can never be true.
> If it does work, a lot of initialization in copy_signal() can be
> removed and it would reduce the chances that a similar problem would be
> reintroduced. I would submit a patch, but I'm not sure how to trigger
> those code paths in order to test it.

I'd suggest to make 2 patches. The first one adds "->notify_count = 0"
to copy_signal() and removes "->group_exit_task != NULL" checks. The
second one changes copy_signal() to use zalloc.

BTW, I forgot to mention that you can kill the "thread_group_leader()"
check in exit_notify() too.


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