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SubjectRe: RFC [PATCH] x86/pci: reserve extra page to avoid error caused by P2P pref DMA reads

* Yinghai Lu <> wrote:

> Diag guys, found one system when loading is high, will have gart wark
> error. root cause is P2P bridge try to prefetch for several intel
> e1000 under it. and that skb is near GART iommu area.
> try to reserve page in the boundary at first. last page near TOM2, and
> last page near MMIO also gart first and last page.
> need one better way for all arch support PCI and memory with a lot of
> holes etc.

> void __init dma32_reserve_bootmem(void)
> {
> unsigned long size, align;
> +
> + /*
> + * try to reserve last page to workaround P2P bridge pref DMA reads
> + * normally don't need to reserve the page near mmio,
> + * because always has acpi etc sit there.
> + * but some system has that acpi in the middle of ram below 4g
> + * so just reserve it.
> + */

Nice! Could this be the root cause of those skb corruptions and e1000
crashes you've been reporting? So the _usual_ setup accidentally
protects us from these prefetch induced failures.

I think your patch is fine for the iommu bits, but the
reserve_last_page() thing should be done in a cleaner way. Cannot we
just reserve it all at the e820 stage, before passing that RAM to the
bootmem allocator?

Also, what is the guarantee that 4K of a space is enough to stop all
prefetching across that boundary?


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