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    SubjectRe: An idea .... with code
    --- On Wed, 8/27/08, Andi Kleen <> wrote:

    > I fail to see what your patch generalizes? AFAIK it just
    > adds a new
    > more narrow (less features than the old one) interface to
    > create loop devices.
    Btw, my code is not a patch to the loop driver, its an altogether new module. May i daresay, it aims squarely at drivers/block/loop.c and mean to replace it altogether.
    My module generalizes in the way that it doesn't add or make use of any ioctl. It doesn't even export a variable and makes uses only of what other subsystems provide for(block, sysfs, vfs).
    As far as features are concerned, please suggest me what could be done with /dev/loop0 and not for /dev/vblk?

    > But you're adding more code which is more intrusive?
    To be exact, i mean to _replace_ driver/block/loop.c, and hence _remove_ all the loop specific ioctls and max# limitations, with drivers/block/vblk.c :D

    > Your goal is to replace all ioctls with sysfs files?

    Please do have a look at the code.

    I add only one sysfs interface (manage), which when read returns the status of all the files being emulated and when written updates(add/remove) emulation of a file.
    The interface could be made more useful by echo'ing in other parameters along with filename for example:
    echo +[r/w]+[sects]+[cyls]+[heads]+[filename] > /sys/devices/virblk/manage
    for specifyinf readonly, cylinders, heads, sectsize for the file to be emulated.

    > If it's that then I'm going on the book as saying
    > that's a bad idea, especially
    > for this case. While ioctls have their problems they work
    > quite well for many
    > things. I don't see any particular reason why ioctls
    > should not be used
    > to configure loop devices.
    I don't intend to revolt against the concept of ioctls. Being an embedded linux engineer I do understand the importance of ioctls: i declare one every other day for configuring custom h/w: Graphics and Multimedia esp so.
    As for loop devices, i think we can make do without'em.


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