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SubjectRe: r8169 regression in vs
Le mercredi 27 août 2008 à 12:38 +0200, Marcus Sundberg a écrit :
> Pascal Terjan wrote:
> > Since updating to, networking no longer works on Acer Aspire
> > One.
> >
> > PCI config is now always filled with ones.
> >
> > Reverting "r8169: avoid thrashing PCI conf space above
> > RTL_GIGA_MAC_VER_06" makes it work again.
> >
> > The device is 10ec:8136
> Ok, that's obviously not good. I checked the Realtek driver for
> 8101E (version r8101-1.009.00) and while it doesn't do any
> 8-bit writes to register 0x82 it does perform 32-bit writes to
> register 0x80 (EPHYAR) to communicate with the PHY. I have no
> idea what that 8-bit write does except it breaks the chipset in
> my LG P300...
> How does the kernel identify your chipset upon driver load?
> (grep for XID)

eth0: RTL8169 at 0xe04ee000, 00:1e:68:a0:07:b5, XID 24a00000 IRQ 17

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