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SubjectRe: Writable packet CD-RW mounting broken in 2.6.26 by your commit 68154e90c9d1492d570671ae181d9a8f8530da55
On 25 Aug 2008, FUJITA Tomonori verbalised:

> On Sun, 24 Aug 2008 18:33:06 +0100
> Nix <> wrote:
>> I suspect this is -stable material, right?
> Yes, there are the same bugs in 2.6.26.

I was testing in 2.6.26, so yes, they're definitely there.

> I added the Cc: stable tag on the patches so they will go to the
> stable tree as soon as they get merged into mainline, I think.
> Again, sorry about these bugs and thanks for the investigation.

Hey, everyone has bugs. Not everyone can get them fixed in ~6hrs
in the early morning .jp time :) so I think you come out ahead on
this one.

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