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SubjectRe: [PATCH] Fix emergency_restart (sysrq-b) with kvm loaded on Intel hosts
Ingo Molnar wrote:

>> I'm a little worried about making emergency restart more complex.
>> Another thing that worries me is that emergency_restart() doesn't
>> reset the box -- it sends INIT. We could do better by using the ACPI
>> FADT reset register (hopefully that's connected to RESET).
> reboot was always a bit fragile - i think we should only do that if we
> find a box where the FADT reset works better than the first-wave
> approaches we try.

It worked on my host. Since it will fall back to keyboard reset and
triple fault, it seems fairly safe.

>> Which seems to be what we want? Maybe we should just try acpi_reboot()
>> before the other stuff.
> perhaps in a separate commit, for v2.6.28 at the earliest.

I'll send a patch. I don't think my earlier patch is worthwhile as all
machines with VT are acpi capable.

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