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SubjectRe: [Bug #11342] Linux 2.6.27-rc3: kernel BUG at mm/vmalloc.c - bisected

On Mon, 25 Aug 2008, Linus Torvalds wrote:
> But I'll look at your vmlinux, see what stands out.

Oops. I already see the problem.

Your .config has soem _huge_ CPU count, doesn't it? shows these things as the top problems:

0xffffffff80266234 smp_call_function_mask [vmlinux]: 2736
0xffffffff80234747 __build_sched_domains [vmlinux]: 2232
0xffffffff8023523f __build_sched_domains [vmlinux]: 2232
0xffffffff8021e884 setup_IO_APIC_irq [vmlinux]: 1616
0xffffffff8021ee24 arch_setup_ht_irq [vmlinux]: 1600
0xffffffff8021f144 arch_setup_msi_irq [vmlinux]: 1600
0xffffffff8021e3b0 __assign_irq_vector [vmlinux]: 1592
0xffffffff8021e626 __assign_irq_vector [vmlinux]: 1592
0xffffffff8023257e move_task_off_dead_cpu [vmlinux]: 1592
0xffffffff802326e8 move_task_off_dead_cpu [vmlinux]: 1592
0xffffffff8025dbc5 tick_handle_oneshot_broadcast [vmlinux]:1544
0xffffffff8025dcb4 tick_handle_oneshot_broadcast [vmlinux]:1544
0xffffffff803f3dc4 store_scaling_governor [vmlinux]: 1376
0xffffffff80279ef4 cpuset_write_resmask [vmlinux]: 1360
0xffffffff803f465d cpufreq_add_dev [vmlinux]: 1352
0xffffffff803f495b cpufreq_add_dev [vmlinux]: 1352
0xffffffff803f3fc4 store_scaling_max_freq [vmlinux]: 1328
0xffffffff803f4064 store_scaling_min_freq [vmlinux]: 1328
0xffffffff803f44c4 cpufreq_update_policy [vmlinux]: 1328

and sys_init_module is actually way way down the list. I bet the only
reason it showed up at all was because dynamically it was such a deep
callchain, and part of that callchain probably called some of those really
nasty things.

Anyway, the reason smp_call_function_mask and friends have such _huge_
stack usages for you is that they contain a 'cpumask_t' on the stack.

For example, for me, usign a sane NR_CPU, the size of the stack frame for
smp_call_function_mask is under 200 bytes. For you, it's 2736 bytes.

How about you make CONFIG_NR_CPU's something _sane_? Like 16? Or do you
really have four thousand CPU's in that system?

Oh, I guess you have the MAXSMP config enabled? I really think that was a
bit too aggressive.


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