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SubjectRe: [BUG] cpufreq: constant cpu_khz

* Dave Jones <> wrote:

> > hm, that too is due to the tsc.c unification - Alok Cc:-ed. Applied
> > your fix to x86/urgent.
> ACKed-by: Dave Jones <>
> Good catch Peter. I'm puzzled how that bug was latent on 64bit for so
> long with no-one realising though.

i think it's the combination of these two factors:

- bootup frequently is typically full-speed, so we calibrate things

- cpufreq events are relatively slow-scale - and when they trigger the
system is definitely not under load. So how precisely the scheduler
functions isnt all that important in such scenarios - there's tons of
CPU power available.

but it's indeed nice to have this fixed, and i just pushed the fix to


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