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SubjectRe: better support for EV-DO AC8700 800 M usbserial modem ??
On Sun, Aug 24, 2008 at 09:41:33AM +0530, ctuxer wrote:
> hi everyone ,
> i have been using the EVDO AC8700 modem (usbserial) with kernel ,
> it uses the 'option' module along with the generic usbserial module . Well
> i am happy for the improved support for the modem handling in the new
> kernels( like now i don have to modprobe with the vendor and product IDs )
> , there is one point specific to this modem which is still not handled ,
> ..... the modem switches between EVDO and CDMA mode when the signal
> strength is low or when there is a bandwidth overload at the vendor's( the
> service provider , bsnl in my case ) tower . This switch in the mode is
> not recognised by the driver and the connection is lost once this switching
> occurs . I have to restart the wvdial program to reconnect .
> But if the modem were in CDMA mode when i connect , then the connection is
> not lost when the modem switches back from CDMA to EVDO . I really don know
> enough to understand what is the difference between the two cases or what
> can be done to improve the support for this usbserial modem , ... can
> anyone help ?

This looks like something the userspace side has to handle, the option
driver is just a dumb "pass-through" type driver, it doesn't really
control the modem at all. The "control" channel on the modem allows
this to happen, a userspace program drives this.

good luck,

greg k-h

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