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Subject2 Q's on monitor power control
Greetings all;

I have a Samsung Synchmaster 205bw monitor, an LCD model, currently being
driven by an ATI 9200SE video card. I've noticed that the monitor is no
longer being powered down at night or when I am absent for several hours.
This was working just fine until recently, so I may have turned something off
in the .config that disabled this function. Currently running 2.6.27-rc4.
Uptime is a couple of days as I had to check something in the bios recently,
which is not related to this AFAIK.

I use kde-3.5.9 and all that is setup and looks normal in kcontrol.

Is there an interface bit in /proc or /sys that I can write to to test this?

What specific options in the .config are required for this to work?

Cheers, Gene
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