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SubjectRe: [Bug #11342] Linux 2.6.27-rc3: kernel BUG at mm/vmalloc.c - bisected
I built a kernel @

commit 83097aca8567a0bd593534853b71fe0fa9a75d69
Author: Arjan van de Ven <>
Date: Sat Aug 23 21:45:21 2008 -0700

And it fails like the others do




[ 7.591198] BUG: unable to handle kernel NULL pointer dereference at

I then backed out /just/ the merge for

commit 1c89ac55017f982355c7761e1c912c88c941483d
Merge: 88fa08f... b1b135c...
Author: Linus Torvalds <>
Date: Tue Aug 12 08:40:19 2008 -0700

And the machine has booted fine 5 times in a row.

I've put the latest .config up at

Is there /some/ way to break down the patches within the merged patch,
and I could by-hand bisect through those?

Here's what I did to take the latest tree, and back out that merge (to
get booting kernels):

| patch -p1 -R
patching file Documentation/lguest/lguest.c
patching file arch/powerpc/Kconfig
patching file arch/x86/Kconfig
patching file arch/x86/mm/Makefile
patching file drivers/char/hvc_console.c
patching file drivers/lguest/page_tables.c
patching file include/linux/Kbuild
Hunk #1 succeeded at 358 (offset 2 lines).
patching file include/linux/init.h
patching file include/linux/mm.h
patching file init/main.c
patching file kernel/module.c
patching file kernel/stop_machine.c
patching file mm/Kconfig
patching file mm/util.c


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