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Subjectnfs4v stalls transfering files, stalls
Recently I experience oddities with my home nfsv4 client/server
connection which worked long very well. I don't know exactly with which
version it begun. I experienced once in a while, that I delete files but
after rebooting the computers the next day or after doing an ls on the
directory, the files are still there. While I did not take this sriously
first I now have the problem copying an ~600MB avi onto the nfs share.
After 25M or 30M (each time after this amount already transferred) the
connection stalls:

nfs: server not responding, timed out

On my client I have 2.6.17_rc3 and this fstab entry: /pub nfs4 tcp,async,hard,intr,noauto,user,sec=sys 0 0

this is only an example, I tried udp, soft and timeo=8 instead of hard
and intr.

On server I had 2.6.25 with this exports:


When this happened, the server had this in dmesg:

RPC: bad TCP reclen 0x0010011a (non-terminal)


RPC: bad TCP reclen 0x3b468abe (large)

In 2.6.27_rc (runnning now), the part in svchost.c was spelled other, it
says now:

RPC: fragment too large: 0x6be367a9
RPC: fragment too large: 0x1287087c

Starting the nfs stuff yields into

RPC: multiple fragments per record not supported

with no other regression though.

What can I do to narrow this down?

Kind Regards, Konsti

Fingerprint: 13C9 B16B 9844 EC15 CC2E A080 1E69 3FDA EF62 FCEF

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