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    SubjectRe: [RFC][PATCH 1/2] Show quicklist at meminfo
    > quicklist_total_size() is racy against cpu hotplug.  That's OK for
    > /proc/meminfo purposes (occasional transient inaccuracy?), but will it
    > crash? Not in the current implementation of per_cpu() afaict, but it
    > might crash if we ever teach cpu hotunplug to free up the percpu
    > resources.

    First, Quicklist doesn't concern to cpu hotplug at all.
    it is another quicklist problem.

    Next, I think it doesn't cause crash. but I haven't any test.
    So, I'll test cpu hotplug/unplug testing today.

    I'll report result tommorow.

    > I see no cpu hotplug handling in the quicklist code. Do we leak all
    > the hot-unplugged CPU's pages?



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