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SubjectRe: char/tpm: tpm_infineon no longer loaded for HP 2510p laptop
On Thursday 21 August 2008 03:18:33 pm Kay Sievers wrote:
> Bjorn Helgaas wrote:
> >Is there a "complete idiot's guide to modules
> >and udev"? There's precious little in Documentation/ other than a bunch
> >of sample rules for various subsystems.
> I don't know of any specific documentation, but it's pretty easy:
> ...

Thanks for the tutorial.

> >Could I fix this by implementing pnp_device_uevent()?
> Only if we change the format of the current pnp device aliases
> to something like:
> pnp*:XYZ2324:*
> pnp*:ABC1234:*
> and create a "modalias" file at every pnp device, and add MODALIAS to
> the uevent. The modalias must contains all ID's which belong to that
> device in one single string, separated and terminated by a special
> character, something like:
> pnp:ABC1234:XYZ2324:RST3445:

This all sounds like good stuff that I'd like PNP to have. Is there
any reason I shouldn't implement pnp_device_uevent()? Any backwards-
compatibility issues?

I think that sounds like a better solution than doing this PNP ID


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