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    SubjectRe: [ANNOUNCE] mdb: Merkey's Linux Kernel Debugger 2.6.27-rc4 released wrote:
    [Stefan Richter wrote]
    >> I'm having a quick look at mdb-2.6.27-rc4-ia32-08-20-08.patch at the
    >> moment. Speaking of debug_lock()...:
    >> Major problem: rlock->flags is wrong in this call. Use an on-stack
    >> flags variable for the initial spin_trylock_irqsave. Ditto in the
    >> following call of spin_trylock_irqsave.
    >> Next major problem with debug_lock() and debug_unlock(): The reference
    >> counting doesn't work. You need an atomic_t counter. Have a look at
    >> the struct kref accessors for example, or even make use of the kref API.
    >> Or if it isn't feasible to fix with atomic_t, add a second spinlock to
    >> rlock_t to ensure integrity of .count (and of the .processor if
    >> necessary).
    > The code works in debug lock provided this memory location is actually
    > SHARED between the processors. The various race conditions you describe
    > are valid cases, but he only modifier of .count and .lock is the processor
    > that obtains the spinlock -- the rest are readers. This code works well,
    > of course, when this memory location is actually SHARED between the
    > processors and the read/write operations serialized.
    > Even in SMP, at various times it is necessary for the processors to
    > perform serializing operations. You cannot in checker-scoreboard land for
    > everything.

    Regarding rlock->count, I stand corrected: It works correctly if the
    debug_lock()...debug_unlock() region can be entered by up to two
    contexts and if the second one to enter cannot be preempted by the first

    However, since these regions are enclosed in preempt_disable/enable and
    since the first one to grab the rlock->lock keeps local interrupts
    disabled until debug_unlock() or even longer, there is always only a
    single context in the debug_lock()...debug_unlock() region --- which
    defeats the whole purpose of the rlock_t. Or what am I missing /now/?

    Independently of this, you cannot use rlock->flags like you currently
    do. spin_trylock_irqsave would overwrite the flags of CPU A by the
    flags of CPU B, making the results of spin_unlock_irqrestore in
    debug_unlock unpredictable.
    Stefan Richter
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