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    Subjectpatch "x86: MOVE PCI IO ECS code to x86/pci" breaks CPU hotplug
    >Converting __cpuinit functions called out of init_amd() (and similar others)
    >to __init (and making them subject of xxx_initcall() handling isn't valid, as
    >they would no longer be called for hot plugged CPUs.
    >Further, since it's likely that in virtualized environments the MSR write
    >would at best be ignored, I'd also recommend using the fault-safe
    >accessors here *and* check that the bit actually got set before setting
    >PCI_HAS_IO_ECS (one would obviously have to BUG() when hot-plugged
    >CPUs fail to set the bit when those available at boot successfully did so).

    Even worse - this would even try to access the MSR on non-AMD CPUs
    (currently probably prevented just by the fact that only AMD ones use
    family values of 0x10 or higher).


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