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SubjectRe: resume from ram hangs on 2.6.26+ kernels on thinkpad z60m
On Wednesday, 20 of August 2008, Arkadiusz Miskiewicz wrote:
> I'm seeing problems with resume (using s2ram) on thinkpad z60m notebook with
> very fresh git kernel (built yesterday). It looks like this - I get screen
> resumed with X window running on it, I see mouse pointer but pointer doesn't
> react to movement and sysrq keys also don't respond (tried to
> umount+sync+reboot via sysrq).
> The hangs doesn't always happen but it happens quite often (often enough to
> get kmail trashed several times).
> The problem is also happening on 2.6.26 kernels (I wasn't testing .26 too
> much).
> Now I'm back on 2.6.25 where the problem doesn't occur.
> I didn't see any reports related to that on lkml which is bad thing 8)
> Any ideas?

Not really. We must have broken something in 2.6.26, but there were not too
many suspend-specific patches in there vs .25.

What s2ram options are used?

What hardware is there in the box (chipset, graphics)?


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