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    SubjectNo NONBLOCK flag for dup3() or epoll_create1()?

    I've been doing some testing (2.6.27-rc3) of your new
    file-descriptor-creating syscalls that accept flags. According to

    all of the system calls should accept a *_NONBLOCK flag. All of them do,
    except for two:
    dup3(olfd, newfd, flags)

    For epoll_create1() this certainly appears to be an oversight, since I can't
    think of a reason not to support *_NONBLOCK.

    For dup3() it is perhaps also an oversight. However, it's not really clear
    to me whether supporting O_NONBLOCK makes sense, since that would change the
    file status flags of the open file description that is (also) referred to by
    oldfd. (Furthermore, given a open file description for which O_NONBLOCK is
    already enabled, it is not possible to make a dup3() call that disables
    O_NONBLOCK, which is an odd asymmetry in the API.) What are your thoughts on



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