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SubjectRe: mn10300: status of ASB2305 support?
Adrian Bunk <> wrote:

> I tried to build an ASB2305 kernel [1], and there are many compile
> errors due to references to nonexisting files like asm/cpu/timer-regs.h
> What is the status of ASB2305 support?
> Is it dead?
> Or are there updates somewhere that should get merged into the kernel?

I have patches, but they're dependent on some other patches that are currently
awaiting MEI's sign-off.

Also, my ASB2305 board is broken. The PCI-PCI bridge chip that allows access
to stuff plugged into its PCI slots is malfunctioning.

So feel free to mark it broken in Kconfig. I'll ask MEI if I should retire
the board or if I can get a replacement backplane. The ASB2303 doesn't allow
me to attach disk drives.


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