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Subject[PATCH -mm][preview] memcg: a patch series for next [0/9]

This post is for showing what I'm trying now.

This patch set is for memory resource controller.
4 purposes here.
- improve performance of memcg.
- remove lock_page_cgroup()
- making page_cgroup->flags to be atomic_ops.
- support mem+swap controller.

But this is still under test and the series is not well organised.
and base tree is old. (2.6.27-rc1-mm1) I'll rebase this set to newer mmtom tree.

Maybe this set have some troubles/objections but I think the direction is not bad.

Patch description. (patch ordering is bad. I'll fix in the next post.)

[1/9] ... private_counter ...replace res_counter with my own counter.
This is for supporting mem+swap controller.
(And I think memcg has a bit different characteristics from other
users of res_counter....)

[2/9] ... change-order-uncharge ...
This patch is for making it easy to handle swap-cache.

[3/9] ... atomic_flags
This patch changes operations for page_cgroup->flags to be atomic_ops.

[4/9] ... delayed freeing.
delaying to free page_cgroup at uncharge.

[5/9] ... RCU freeing of page_cgroup
free page_cgroup by RCU.

[6/9] ... lockress page cgroup.
remove lock_page_cgroup() and use RCU semantics.

[7/9] ... add preftech
add prefetch() macro

[8/9] ... mem+swap controller base.
introduce mem+swap controller. A bit big patch....but have tons of TODO.
and have troubles. (it seems it's difficult to cause OOM killer.)

[9/9] ... mem+swap controller control files.
add mem+swap controller's control files.

I'd like to push patch [2,3,4,5,6,7] first.


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