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SubjectRe: [PATCH 0/0] Power domain and clock domain patches for omap
Tony Lindgren wrote:

> Hi all,
> This patch series contains power domain and clock domain specific
> patches for omap posted to linux-arm-kernel list during 2.6.25-rc5.
> I'm reposting the series to a wider audience as Russell King suspected
> that other archs may be interested in reviewing these too, or at least
> some parts of the code.
> Please take a look and comment the code. Also please point out the
> pieces of code that may be suitable for your arch too!

There is one major flaw IMO in this code. Please correct me if I'm wrong:
Driver A: powerdomain_register()
Driver B: powerdomain_get()
Driver A: powerdomain_unregister()

Then Driver B has a reference to unregistered domain. And as powerdomains
lack any type of refcounting this can lead to any type of memory access
bugs if Driver A is unloaded from the kernel.

With best wishes

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