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SubjectRe: [GIT]: Networking

On Tue, 19 Aug 2008, David Miller wrote:
> The BT bits were the only part I really considered borderline,
> and I was going to push back on Marcel.

I really don't see the e1000 and netxen updates as being critical either.
Sure, they look like driver improvement, but "improvement" is not what the
-rc3+ series is about.

Same goes for all the loopback changes. They look like cleanups or feature

IOW, it all looks like good commits, but quite a _lot_ of that queue looks
like good commits that should happen during the merge window, not during
the stabilization phase.

And this is by no means unique to _this_ pull request. It's been a very
clear pattern for a long time now. The networking area tends to be one of
the absolutely *most* active ones during the post-rc1 phase.

[ Yeah, in all fairness some architectures also do that, but at least I
feel like I _really_ don't need to care when I get a diffstat that only
touches arch/sh/* or something like that. ]

> But to be honest, I haven't seen bluetooth updates from him
> for such a long time I felt that being strict here would just
> exacerbate the problem.

I pointed out the BT ones as standing out (they were larger than some of
the other patches too), but I really don't think this was in any way
limited to BT in any shape, form or color. Quite frankly, looking through
the thing, my gut feel is that about _half_ the commits over-all should
probably have been in the queue for the next release.


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