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SubjectRe: "make prepare" in not behaving?

Sam Ravnborg wrote:
> On Mon, Aug 18, 2008 at 08:41:59PM -0700, Stuart Sheldon wrote:
>> Hey all, think I found a little bug...
>> I recently was attempting to build 3rd party modules on a
>> source tree after a "make clean" was run on the kernel source tree.
>> In the past I would run "make oldconfig prepare scripts" and then build
>> and install the 3rd party module. All would work as expected.
>> And all started well with the tree. The module built without
>> error, but when I went to load it, it responded back with a version
>> error on the console, and the dmesg was: "no symbol version for
>> struct_module".
>> If I rebuild the entire kernel and modules in the source tree and then
>> build the 3rd party module again, It builds and loads without issue.
>> I'm hoping this is a bug, as I use the prepare method of setting up
>> source trees a lot. It saves me hours of time on my server farm.
> If you have MODULE_VERSIONING enabled then you need to build
> the kernel - "make prepare" is in that case not enough.
> Ig you have module.symvers around then that will do it.
> Sam

So the patch to delete the module.symvers from the tree exposed a
mistake in my config? Makes since. Just to clarify, I want
CONFIG_MODVERSIONS=n in my .config to use prepare? The help on the
setting seems to imply that turning it on makes the kernel less picky
about modules, but I guess I don't get it...

Will change that setting and test.



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