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SubjectRe: AGP and PAT (induced?) problem (on AMD family 6)
On 19-08-08 21:07, Venki Pallipadi wrote:

> On Tue, Aug 19, 2008 at 07:19:44AM -0700, Rene Herman wrote:

>> I believe the 14 seconds for first shutdown to 5 later might be
>> telling. Sounds like something might have fixed up uncached
>> entries.
>> I'd really like a reply from the AGP or PAT side right about now.
> Hmm. Looks like there are more than 16000 entries in the PAT list!
> This delay may be due to the overhead of parsing this linked list
> everytime for a new entry, rather than any problem with cache setting
> itself.
> I am working on a patch to optimize this pat list parsing for the
> simple case. Should be able to send it out later today, for testing.

Thanks for the reply. It's with 64MB of AGP memory which I guess is at
the low end these days. Would your reply mean that basically everyone on
2.6.27 should now be experiencing this?

I noticed it was PAT related due to Shaohua Li's:

which lists very different times (patch there did not help any).

As another by the way, probably not surprising but I earlier also tried
both unmounting and completely compiling out debugfs just in case I
was seeing a debugging related sysmptom. No help either.

It's evening here so I'll probably not be able to test until tomorrow.


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