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SubjectRe: [GIT]: Networking

On Tue, 19 Aug 2008, David Miller wrote:
> 114 files changed, 1533 insertions(+), 898 deletions(-)

David, this absolutely _has_ to stop.

We're after -rc3. Your network merges continue to be too f*cking large,
and this has been going on for many months now. If you cannot throttle
people, I will have to throttle you and stop pulling things.

I'm going to take this, but really - this isn't just new drivers or
something like that that you've used as an excuse for big pulls before,
this is a _lot_ of changes to existing code.

Tell your people to look at the regression list, and if it's not there,
they should stop.

I realize that this problem is partly because when I see the pull requests
from you, I effectively see a combined pull from multiple different
sources, and in that sense it's not quite as big. But the networking pulls
have _consistently_ had the problem that they keep on being big not just
after -rc3, but after -rc4 and on, and I get the distinct feeling that
you're not moving the pain downwards, and aren't telling the people under
you to keep it clean and minimal and regressions only.

For example, those BT updates looked in no way like regression fixes. So
what the f*ck were they doing there? And why do you think all those driver
updates cannot cause new regressions?

If it's not a regression fix, it shouldn't be there. It should be in the
queue for the next version. Why is that apparently so hard for the network


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