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SubjectRe: Power management for SCSI
On Tue, 19 Aug 2008, Pavel Machek wrote:

> Would it make sense to split the patches into "autosuspend for SCSI
> devices" and "autosuspend for SCSI controllers" for easier
> review/merge? I guess I'll start with the devices, they seem easier...

It really should be split up differently. The topics of interest are:

idle detection for SCSI devices,

autosuspend for SCSI targets and its relation to suspend
for SCSI devices,

passing suspend & resume notifications to the transport class,

adding a USB transport class so that usb-storage can respond
to those notifications,

modifying other transport classes as needed so that the LLDs
can power-down links or host adapters.

I think that covers it. Oliver may have some additional suggestions.

Alan Stern

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