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SubjectRe: oprofile + hibernation = badness

* Andi Kleen <> wrote:

>> Andi, another issue: your patch had 5 spurious whitespace errors.
>> This is a reoccuring, many years pattern of behavior from you and you
>> need to fix your workflow to send less sloppy patches.
> Yes I forgot you define patch cleanness based on white space.
> Seriously, It's actually new -- i did this one in git directly instead
> of quilt and git-commit doesn't seem to know how to drop them. In my
> older quilt workflow they were always automatically dropped since many
> years. Both emacs and vim add them and I don't plan to switch editors,
> sorry.

Thousands of other kernel developers get it right and manage to submit
clean patches, so i think you are not trying very hard to actually solve
this problem - and your flippant and obtrusive answers do not make it
very easy to work with you as a contributor.

>> I fixed up the problems of this patch, no need to resend.
> I hope you fixed the typos in the commit log too (it really was just a
> RFC test patch)

You've put your signoff in there and Vegard has tested it. The general
principle on lkml is that patches can be marked as do-not-apply-yet by
adding something like this:

Not-Signed-off-by: Andi Kleen <>

or by not adding a SOB line at all. In that case i either ask people for
the SOB or apply them at my own risk.



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