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Subject"make prepare" in not behaving?
Hey all, think I found a little bug...

I recently was attempting to build 3rd party modules on a
source tree after a "make clean" was run on the kernel source tree.

In the past I would run "make oldconfig prepare scripts" and then build
and install the 3rd party module. All would work as expected.

And all started well with the tree. The module built without
error, but when I went to load it, it responded back with a version
error on the console, and the dmesg was: "no symbol version for

If I rebuild the entire kernel and modules in the source tree and then
build the 3rd party module again, It builds and loads without issue.

I'm hoping this is a bug, as I use the prepare method of setting up
source trees a lot. It saves me hours of time on my server farm.

Thanks in advance for listening,

Stuart Sheldon

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