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SubjectRe: [RFC 0/5] [TALPA] Intro to a linux interface for on access scanning
On Mon, 2008-08-04 at 17:00 -0400, Eric Paris wrote:
> Background
> ++++++++++
> There is a consensus in the security industry that protecting against
> malicious files (viruses, root kits, spyware, ad-ware, ...) by the way
> of so-called on-access scanning is usable and reasonable approach.
> Currently the Linux kernel does not offer a completely suitable
> interface to implement such security solutions. Present solutions

A long time ago the FUSE developers said something about implementing
write-through stacking for FUSE (i.e. 'sudo fusermount -o allow_other
encfs / /' would allow mounting on /, and encfs could read/write under
its own mount point).

Wouldn't that make more sense? You could i.e. edit /etc/avfs.conf to
say "scanner=clamscan" "clamscan=/usr/bin/clamscan" and mount avfs
on /...?

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