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SubjectRe: TALPA - a threat model? well sorta.

> >How does it work? Memory can still change after mmap;
> >scanning at the
> >mmap time is _NOT_ enough.
> >
> >You could do 'when app attempts to dirty memory,
> >synchronously unmap
> >it from all apps that have it mapped' and then do sync
> >scan on
> >pagefault time; but that sounds impractical.
> what is the threat you are trying to defend against?
> for some threats you are right, for others the scan at
> mmap time is enough.

I don't see any threats when check at mmap time is okay.

As soon as file servers use mmap, this race can bite you even in very
simple 'make sure Linux fileserver does not pass on windows malwar'
threat model.
(cesky, pictures)

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