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    SubjectRe: [PATCH] De-macro spin_trylock_irq, spin_trylock_irqsave, write_trylock_irqsave

    * Johannes Weiner <> wrote:

    > >> (but it would also be hugely invasive, with not much upside with
    > >> tons of downside like years of migration fallout and having to
    > >> rewrite hundreds of kernel hacking books ;-) )
    > >
    > > I want my money back for scheduler chapter from "Understanding the
    > > Linux Kernel"!
    > I agree that this argument of Ingo's is not a very good one... ;)

    i see the smiley, but still - there's a huge difference between the
    "pain" caused by a much better scheduler [ hey, did you expect me to say
    anything else? ;-) ] and a rather arbitrary value->pointer parametering
    change to a core API that is used _everywhere_.


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