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Subject[ANNOUNCE] GIT 1.6.0
The latest feature release GIT 1.6.0 is available at the usual

git-1.6.0.tar.{gz,bz2} (source tarball)
git-htmldocs-1.6.0.tar.{gz,bz2} (preformatted docs)
git-manpages-1.6.0.tar.{gz,bz2} (preformatted docs)

The RPM binary packages for a few architectures are also provided
as courtesy.

RPMS/$arch/*-1.6.0-1.fc9.$arch.rpm (RPM)

GIT v1.6.0 Release Notes

User visible changes

With the default Makefile settings, most of the programs are now
installed outside your $PATH, except for "git", "gitk" and
some server side programs that need to be accessible for technical
reasons. Invoking a git subcommand as "git-xyzzy" from the command
line has been deprecated since early 2006 (and officially announced in
1.5.4 release notes); use of them from your scripts after adding
output from "git --exec-path" to the $PATH is still supported in this
release, but users are again strongly encouraged to adjust their
scripts to use "git xyzzy" form, as we will stop installing
"git-xyzzy" hardlinks for built-in commands in later releases.

An earlier change to page "git status" output was overwhelmingly unpopular
and has been reverted.

Source changes needed for porting to MinGW environment are now all in the
main git.git codebase.

By default, packfiles created with this version uses delta-base-offset
encoding introduced in v1.4.4. Pack idx files are using version 2 that
allows larger packs and added robustness thanks to its CRC checking,
introduced in v1.5.2 and v1.4.4.5. If you want to keep your repositories
backwards compatible past these versions, set repack.useDeltaBaseOffset
to false or pack.indexVersion to 1, respectively.

We used to prevent sample hook scripts shipped in templates/ from
triggering by default by relying on the fact that we install them as
unexecutable, but on some filesystems, this approach does not work.
They are now shipped with ".sample" suffix. If you want to activate
any of these samples as-is, rename them to drop the ".sample" suffix,
instead of running "chmod +x" on them. For example, you can rename
hooks/post-update.sample to hooks/post-update to enable the sample
hook that runs update-server-info, in order to make repositories
friendly to dumb protocols (i.e. HTTP).

GIT_CONFIG, which was only documented as affecting "git config", but
actually affected all git commands, now only affects "git config".
GIT_LOCAL_CONFIG, also only documented as affecting "git config" and
not different from GIT_CONFIG in a useful way, is removed.

The ".dotest" temporary area "git am" and "git rebase" use is now moved
inside the $GIT_DIR, to avoid mistakes of adding it to the project by

An ancient merge strategy "stupid" has been removed.

Updates since v1.5.6


* git-p4 in contrib learned "allowSubmit" configuration to control on
which branch to allow "submit" subcommand.

* git-gui learned to stage changes per-line.


* Changes for MinGW port have been merged, thanks to Johannes Sixt and

* Sample hook scripts shipped in templates/ are now suffixed with

* perl's in-place edit (-i) does not work well without backup files on Windows;
some tests are rewritten to cope with this.


* Updated howto/update-hook-example

* Got rid of usage of "git-foo" from the tutorial and made typography
more consistent.

* Disambiguating "--" between revs and paths is finally documented.

(performance, robustness, sanity etc.)

* index-pack used too much memory when dealing with a deep delta chain.
This has been optimized.

* reduced excessive inlining to shrink size of the "git" binary.

* verify-pack checks the object CRC when using version 2 idx files.

* When an object is corrupt in a pack, the object became unusable even
when the same object is available in a loose form, We now try harder to
fall back to these redundant objects when able. In particular, "git
repack -a -f" can be used to fix such a corruption as long as necessary
objects are available.

* Performance of "git-blame -C -C" operation is vastly improved.

* git-clone does not create refs in loose form anymore (it behaves as
if you immediately ran git-pack-refs after cloning). This will help
repositories with insanely large number of refs.

* core.fsyncobjectfiles configuration can be used to ensure that the loose
objects created will be fsync'ed (this is only useful on filesystems
that does not order data writes properly).

* "git commit-tree" plumbing can make Octopus with more than 16 parents.
"git commit" has been capable of this for quite some time.

(usability, bells and whistles)

* even more documentation pages are now accessible via "man" and "git help".

* A new environment variable GIT_CEILING_DIRECTORIES can be used to stop
the discovery process of the toplevel of working tree; this may be useful
when you are working in a slow network disk and are outside any working tree,
as bash-completion and "git help" may still need to run in these places.

* By default, stash entries never expire. Set reflogexpire in [gc
"refs/stash"] to a reasonable value to get traditional auto-expiration
behaviour back

* Longstanding latency issue with bash completion script has been
addressed. This will need to be backmerged to 'maint' later.

* pager.<cmd> configuration variable can be used to enable/disable the
default paging behaviour per command.

* "git-add -i" has a new action 'e/dit' to allow you edit the patch hunk

* git-am records the original tip of the branch in ORIG_HEAD before it
starts applying patches.

* git-apply can handle a patch that touches the same path more than once
much better than before.

* git-apply can be told not to trust the line counts recorded in the input
patch but recount, with the new --recount option.

* git-apply can be told to apply a patch to a path deeper than what the
patch records with --directory option.

* git-archive can be told to omit certain paths from its output using
export-ignore attributes.

* git-archive uses the zlib default compression level when creating
zip archive.

* git-archive's command line options --exec and --remote can take their
parameters as separate command line arguments, similar to other commands.
IOW, both "--exec=path" and "--exec path" are now supported.

* With -v option, git-branch describes the remote tracking statistics
similar to the way git-checkout reports by how many commits your branch
is ahead/behind.

* git-branch's --contains option used to always require a commit parameter
to limit the branches with; it now defaults to list branches that
contains HEAD if this parameter is omitted.

* git-branch's --merged and --no-merged option used to always limit the
branches relative to the HEAD, but they can now take an optional commit
argument that is used in place of HEAD.

* git-bundle can read the revision arguments from the standard input.

* git-cherry-pick can replay a root commit now.

* git-clone can clone from a remote whose URL would be rewritten by
configuration stored in $HOME/.gitconfig now.

* "git-clone --mirror" is a handy way to set up a bare mirror repository.

* git-cvsserver learned to respond to "cvs co -c".

* git-diff --check now checks leftover merge conflict markers.

* "git-diff -p" learned to grab a better hunk header lines in
BibTex, Pascal/Delphi, and Ruby files and also pays attention to
chapter and part boundary in TeX documents.

* When remote side used to have branch 'foo' and git-fetch finds that now
it has branch 'foo/bar', it refuses to lose the existing remote tracking
branch and its reflog. The error message has been improved to suggest
pruning the remote if the user wants to proceed and get the latest set
of branches from the remote, including such 'foo/bar'.

* fast-export learned to export and import marks file; this can be used to
interface with fast-import incrementally.

* fast-import and fast-export learned to export and import gitlinks.

* "gitk" left background process behind after being asked to dig very deep
history and the user killed the UI; the process is killed when the UI goes
away now.

* git-rebase records the original tip of branch in ORIG_HEAD before it is

* "git rerere" can be told to update the index with auto-reused resolution
with rerere.autoupdate configuration variable.

* git-rev-parse learned $commit^! and $commit^@ notations used in "log"
family. These notations are available in gitk as well, because the gitk
command internally uses rev-parse to interpret its arguments.

* git-rev-list learned --children option to show child commits it
encountered during the traversal, instead of showing parent commits.

* git-send-mail can talk not just over SSL but over TLS now.

* git-shortlog honors custom output format specified with "--pretty=format:".

* "git-stash save" learned --keep-index option. This lets you stash away the
local changes and bring the changes staged in the index to your working
tree for examination and testing.

* git-stash also learned branch subcommand to create a new branch out of
stashed changes.

* git-status gives the remote tracking statistics similar to the way
git-checkout reports by how many commits your branch is ahead/behind.

* "git-svn dcommit" is now aware of auto-props setting the subversion user

* You can tell "git status -u" to even more aggressively omit checking
untracked files with --untracked-files=no.

* Original SHA-1 value for "update-ref -d" is optional now.

* Error codes from gitweb are made more descriptive where possible, rather
than "403 forbidden" as we used to issue everywhere.


* git-merge has been reimplemented in C.

Fixes since v1.5.6

All of the fixes in v1.5.6 maintenance series are included in
this release, unless otherwise noted.

* git-clone ignored its -u option; the fix needs to be backported to

* git-mv used to lose the distinction between changes that are staged
and that are only in the working tree, by staging both in the index
after moving such a path.

* "git-rebase -i -p" rewrote the parents to wrong ones when amending
(either edit or squash) was involved, and did not work correctly
when fast forwarding.


Changes since v1.5.6 are as follows:

Abhijit Menon-Sen (13):
git-gui: Move on to the next filename after staging/unstaging a change
git-gui: Don't select the wrong file if the last listed file is staged.
Implement "git stash branch <newbranch> <stash>"
Add a test for "git stash branch"
git-gui: Look for gitk in $PATH, not $LIBEXEC/git-core
Clarify that "git log x.c y.h" lists commits that touch either file
`git submodule add` now requires a <path>
Make it clear that push can take multiple refspecs
Make the DESCRIPTION match <x>... items in the SYNOPSIS localise $? in command_close_bidi_pipe()
Fix hash slice syntax error
Fix typo in perl/
Fix typos in INSTALL

Adam Brewster (2):
Move read_revisions_from_stdin from builtin-rev-list.c to revision.c
Teach git-bundle to read revision arguments from stdin like git-rev-list.

Alex Riesen (5):
Fix use of "perl -i" on Windows
git-clone: remove leftover debugging fprintf().
Allow pager of diff command be enabled/disabled
Make use of stat.ctime configurable
Fix t3700 on filesystems which do not support question marks in names

Alexander Gavrilov (18):
Fix quadratic performance in rewrite_one.
Avoid rescanning unchanged entries in search for copies.
Do not try to detect move/copy for entries below threshold.
Fix pre-commit hooks under MinGW/MSYS
Add options to control the search for copies in blame.
Kill the blame back-end on window close.
Add a menu item to invoke full copy detection in blame.
Support gitlinks in fast-import.
git-gui: Fix the Remote menu separator.
git-gui: Preserve scroll position on reshow_diff.
Support copy and rename detection in fast-export.
gitk: Kill back-end processes on window close
gitk: Arrange to kill diff-files & diff-index on quit
gitk: On Windows, use a Cygwin-specific flag for kill
gitk: Fixed broken exception handling in diff
gitk: Fixed automatic row selection during load
gitk: Fallback to selecting the head commit upon load
gitk: Allow safely calling nukefile from a run queue handler

Anand Kumria (14):
Create a specific version of the read_pipe_lines command for p4 invocations
Utilise the new 'p4_read_pipe_lines' command
Have a command that specifically invokes 'p4' (via system)
Utilise the new 'p4_system' function.
Add a single command that will be used to construct the 'p4' command
If we are in verbose mode, output what we are about to run (or return)
Switch to using 'p4_build_cmd'
If the user has configured various parameters, use them.
Consistently use 'git-p4' for the configuration entries
Move git-p4.syncFromOrigin into a configuration parameters section
Put some documentation in about the parameters that have been added
Put in the two other configuration elements found in the source
Add p4 read_pipe and write_pipe wrappers
Utilise our new p4_read_pipe and p4_write_pipe wrappers

Anders Melchiorsen (5):
Documentation: fix diff.external example
Advertise the ability to abort a commit
Documentation: fix diff.external example
Flush output in start_async
Add output flushing before fork()

Avery Pennarun (4):
git-svn: avoid filling up the disk with temp files.
Reword "your branch has diverged..." lines to reduce line length
Teach "git diff -p" Pascal/Delphi funcname pattern
git-svn: Abort with an error if 'fetch' parameter is invalid.

Björn Steinbrink (3):
git cat-file: Fix memory leak in batch mode
index-pack.c: correctly initialize appended objects
rev-parse: Add support for the ^! and ^@ syntax

Brad King (1):
git-svn: teach dcommit about svn auto-props

Brandon Casey (17): fix typo in usage message: sucesses --> succeeds test_must_fail doesn't work with inline environment variables check timestamp of unpacked objects
t/: Replace diff [-u|-U0] with test_cmp to allow compilation with old diff use $TAR rather than tar
t3200,t7201: replace '!' with test_must_fail rearrange test to make more portable
t/ add newline at end of file
Teach fsck and prune about the new location of temporary objects
perl/Makefile: update NO_PERL_MAKEMAKER section
t/ add newline at end of file
Teach fsck and prune that tmp_obj_ file names may not be 14 bytes long
perl/Makefile: handle paths with spaces in the NO_PERL_MAKEMAKER section
Makefile: set SHELL to value of SHELL_PATH
Makefile: add a target which will abort compilation with ancient shells
test-parse-options: use appropriate cast in length_callback
t5304-prune: adjust file mtime based on system time rather than file mtime

Brian Gernhardt (5):
Fix t4017-diff-retval for white-space from wc
Add test results directory to t/.gitignore
Documentation: Point to gitcli(7) from git(1)
Documentation: mention ORIG_HEAD in am, merge, and rebase
Documentation: Remove mentions of git-svnimport.

Brian Hetro (5):
builtin-log.c: Use 'git_config_string' to get 'format.subjectprefix' and 'format.suffix'
convert.c: Use 'git_config_string' to get 'smudge' and 'clean'
diff.c: Use 'git_config_string' to get 'diff.external'
http.c: Use 'git_config_string' to clean up SSL config.
builtin-commit.c: Use 'git_config_string' to get 'commit.template'

Cesar Eduardo Barros (2):
Documentation/git-submodule.txt: fix doubled word
Documentation/git-rev-parse.txt: update for new git-describe output format

Christian Couder (5):
help: check early if we have a command, if not try a documentation topic
Fix "config_error_nonbool" used with value instead of key
Fix "config_error_nonbool" used with value instead of key
merge-base: die with an error message if not passed a commit ref
documentation: user-manual: update "using-bisect" section

Christian Stimming (2):
git-gui: Update German translation
gitk: Updated German translation

Ciaran McCreesh (2):
Make git-add -i accept ranges like 7-
Make git-add -i accept ranges like 7-

Cristian Peraferrer (1):
Print errno upon failure to open the COMMIT_EDITMSG file

Dan McGee (1):
completion: add --graph to log command completion

Daniel Barkalow (2):
Only use GIT_CONFIG in "git config", not other programs
In perforce, RCS keywords are case-sensitive

David D. Kilzer (1):
Fix race condition in

David Reiss (4):
Implement normalize_absolute_path
Fold test-absolute-path into test-path-utils
Eliminate an unnecessary chdir("..")

Dmitry Kakurin (1):
Fixed text file auto-detection: treat EOF character 032 at the end of file as printable

Dmitry Potapov (9):
fix update-hook-example to work with packed tag references
update-hook-example: optionally allow non-fast-forward
shrink git-shell by avoiding redundant dependencies
completion.bash: add 'skip' and 'run' to git-bisect
Fix buffer overflow in git-grep
Fix buffer overflow in git diff
Fix buffer overflow in prepare_attr_stack
git-svn: fix git svn info to work without arguments
correct access right for git-svn-dcommit test

Don Zickus (1):
git-apply: handle a patch that touches the same path more than once better

Eric Blake (1):
Makefile: building git in cygwin 1.7.0

Eric Hanchrow (2):
user-manual: typo and grammar fixes
Documentation: fix broken "linkgit" links

Eric Raible (4):
Documentation: tweak use case in "git stash save --keep-index"
completion: add branch options --contains --merged --no-merged
Teach lookup_prog not to select directories
bash completion: 'git apply' should use 'fix' not 'strip'

Eric Wong (6):
git-svn: don't sanitize remote names in config
t/lib-git-svn: fix SVN_HTTPD tests to work with "trash directory"
git-svn: properly set path for "info" command
t9119: conditionally re-enable test depending on svn(1) version
git-svn: add ability to specify --commit-url for dcommit
git-svn: wrap long lines in a few places

Fabian Emmes (2):
Testsuite: Unset CVS_SERVER
testsuite for cvs co -c

Francis Moreau (1):
git-bisect: fix wrong usage of read(1)

Frederik Schwarzer (1):
git-svn: typofix

Gerrit Pape (1):
git-svn.perl: workaround assertions in svn library 1.5.0

Giuseppe Bilotta (2):
diff: add ruby funcname pattern
diff: chapter and part in funcname for tex

Gustaf Hendeby (2):
gitattributes: Document built in hunk header patterns
Teach git diff about BibTeX head hunk patterns

Ian Katz (1):
tutorial: use prompt with user names in example, to clarify who is doing what

Ivan Stankovic (1):
Documentation: fix invalid reference to 'mybranch' in user manual

Jakub Narebski (5):
gitweb: Separate filling list of projects info
gitweb: Separate generating 'sort by' table header
t/README: Add 'Skipping Tests' section below 'Running Tests'
gitweb: Describe projects_index format in more detail
gitweb: More about how gitweb gets 'owner' of repository

Jan Krüger (2):
Documentation: fix formatting in git-svn
git-svn: make rebuild respect rewriteRoot option

Jeff King (18):
fix whitespace violations in test scripts
mask necessary whitespace policy violations in test scripts
avoid whitespace on empty line in automatic usage message
avoid trailing whitespace in zero-change diffstat lines
enable whitespace checking of test scripts
clone: create intermediate directories of destination repo
for-each-ref: implement missing tag values
clone: create intermediate directories of destination repo
improve for-each-ref test script
fetch: report local storage errors in status table
doc/rev-parse: clarify reflog vs --until for specifying revisions
fetch: give a hint to the user when local refs fail to update
Allow per-command pager config
make deleting a missing ref more quiet
avoid null SHA1 in oldest reflog
init: handle empty "template" parameter
Compact commit template message
init: handle empty "template" parameter

Jim Meyering (1):
git-cvsimport.perl: Print "UNKNOWN LINE..." on stderr, not stdout.

Jing Xue (1):
Add 'git-p4.allowSubmit' to git-p4

Jochen Voss (1):
avoid off-by-one error in run_upload_archive

Joey Hess (1):
fix git config example syntax

Johan Herland (4):
Incorporate fetched packs in future object traversal
Move pack_refs() and friends into libgit
Prepare testsuite for a "git clone" that packs refs
Teach "git clone" to pack refs

Johannes Schindelin (31):
Windows: always chmod(, 0666) before unlink().
clone: respect url.insteadOf setting in global configs
commit-tree: lift completely arbitrary limit of 16 parents
Allow git-apply to recount the lines in a hunk (AKA recountdiff)
clone: respect the settings in $HOME/.gitconfig and /etc/gitconfig
Add another fast-import example, this time for .zip files
Teach "git apply" to prepend a prefix with "--root=<root>"
git fetch-pack: do not complain about "no common commits" in an empty repo
git daemon: avoid calling syslog() from a signal handler
run_command(): respect GIT_TRACE
Allow cherry-picking root commits
Convert CR/LF to LF in tag signatures
Add pretty format %aN which gives the author name, respecting .mailmap
Move MERGE_RR from .git/rr-cache/ into .git/
git-gui: MERGE_RR lives in .git/ directly with newer Git versions
shortlog: support --pretty=format: option
Rename ".dotest/" to ".git/rebase" and ".dotest-merge" to "rebase-merge"
git fetch-pack: do not complain about "no common commits" in an empty repo
Rename .git/rebase to .git/rebase-apply
Rename path_list to string_list
Fix two leftovers from path_list->string_list
Ignore dirty submodule states in "git pull --rebase"
Add test to show that show-branch misses out the 8th column
sort_in_topological_order(): avoid setting a commit flag
builtin-commit: Two trivial style-cleanups
git daemon: avoid waking up too often
Avoid chdir() in list_commands_in_dir()
sort_in_topological_order(): avoid setting a commit flag
clone: Add an option to set up a mirror
clone --bare: Add ".git" suffix to the directory name to clone into
clone --mirror: avoid storing repeated tags

Johannes Sixt (52):
Add compat/regex.[ch] and compat/fnmatch.[ch].
Compile some programs only conditionally.
Add target architecture MinGW.
Windows: Use the Windows style PATH separator ';'.
setup.c: Prepare for Windows directory separators.
Windows: Treat Windows style path names.
Windows: Handle absolute paths in safe_create_leading_directories().
Windows: Strip ".exe" from the program name.
Windows: Implement a wrapper of the open() function.
Windows: A minimal implemention of getpwuid().
Windows: Work around misbehaved rename().
Make my_mktime() public and rename it to tm_to_time_t()
Windows: Implement gettimeofday().
Windows: Fix PRIuMAX definition.
Windows: Implement setitimer() and sigaction().
Windows: Wrap execve so that shell scripts can be invoked.
Windows: A pipe() replacement whose ends are not inherited to children.
Windows: Implement start_command().
Windows: A rudimentary poll() emulation.
Windows: Disambiguate DOS style paths from SSH URLs.
Windows: Implement asynchronous functions as threads.
Windows: Work around incompatible sort and find.
Windows: Implement wrappers for gethostbyname(), socket(), and connect().
Windows: Implement a custom spawnve().
Windows: Add a custom implementation for utime().
Windows: Use a customized struct stat that also has the st_blocks member.
Turn builtin_exec_path into a function.
Windows: Compute the fallback for exec_path from the program invocation.
Windows: Use a relative default template_dir and ETC_GITCONFIG
When installing, be prepared that template_dir may be relative.
Windows: Make the pager work.
Windows: Work around an oddity when a pipe with no reader is written to.
Windows: Make 'git help -a' work.
Windows: TMP and TEMP environment variables specify a temporary directory.
git-gui: Implement "Stage/Unstage Line"
t4127-apply-same-fn: Avoid sed -i
Provide fallback definitions of PRIu32 and PRIx32
t7600-merge: Use test_expect_failure to test option parsing
builtin-clone: rewrite guess_dir_name()
rebase -i: When an 'edit' stops, mention the commit
Makefile: Do not install a copy of 'git' in $(gitexecdir)
Makefile: Normalize $(bindir) and $(gitexecdir) before comparing
Record the command invocation path early
Fix relative built-in paths to be relative to the command invocation
Allow the built-in exec path to be relative to the command invocation path
Allow add_path() to add non-existent directories to the path
Windows: Make $(gitexecdir) relative
Windows: Make sure argv[0] has a path
Windows: Do not compile git-shell
git-gui: Fix "Stage/Unstage Line" with one line of context.
git-gui: "Stage Line": Treat independent changes in adjacent lines better
git-gui: Adapt discovery of oguilib to execdir 'libexec/git-core'

Jon Jensen (1):
Fix reference to Everyday Git, which is an HTML document and not a man page.

Jonathan Nieder (29):
Documentation: don't assume git-sh-setup and git-parse-remote are in PATH
Documentation: fix links to tutorials and other new manual pages
whitespace fix in Documentation/git-repack.txt
Documentation: complicate example of "man git-command"
git-daemon(1): don't assume git-daemon is in /usr/bin
Documentation: prepare to be consistent about "git-" versus "git "
Documentation: be consistent about "git-" versus "git "
Documentation formatting and cleanup
git-format-patch(1): fix stray \ in output
Documentation: fix gitlinks
manpages: fix bogus whitespace
git(1): add comma
git-commit(1): depersonalize description
Documentation: rewrap to prepare for "git-" vs "git " change
Documentation: more "git-" versus "git " changes
gitdiffcore(7): fix awkward wording
manpages: italicize command names in synopses
manpages: italicize command names
manpages: italicize git command names (which were in teletype font)
manpages: italicize gitk's name (where it was in teletype font)
manpages: italicize nongit command names (if they are in teletype font)
manpages: italicize git subcommand names (which were in teletype font)
manpages: use teletype font for sample command lines
fix usage string for git grep
git-diff(1): "--c" -> "--cc" typo fix
document that git-tag can tag more than heads
t6030 (bisect): work around Mac OS X "ls"
git-diff(1): "--c" -> "--cc" typo fix
Documentation: user-manual: "git commit -a" doesn't motivate .gitignore

João Abecasis (1):
git-svn: find-rev and rebase for SVN::Mirror repositories

Junio C Hamano (131):
revision traversal: --children option
rev-list --children
builtin-blame.c: move prepare_final() into a separate function.
builtin-blame.c: allow more than 16 parents
git-blame --reverse
diff -c/--cc: do not include uninteresting deletion before leading context
rerere: rerere_created_at() and has_resolution() abstraction
git-rerere: detect unparsable conflicts
rerere: remove dubious "tail_optimization"
t4200: fix rerere test
git-shell: accept "git foo" form
Prepare execv_git_cmd() for removal of builtins from the filesystem
pre-rebase hook update
Ship sample hooks with .sample suffix
Keep some git-* programs in $(bindir)
Allow "git-reset path" when unambiguous
Start draft release notes for 1.6.0
diff --check: do not discard error status upon seeing a good line
git-shell: accept "git foo" form
diff --check: explain why we do not care whether old side is binary
check_and_emit_line(): rename and refactor
checkdiff: pass diff_options to the callback
Teach "diff --check" about new blank lines at end
diff --check: detect leftover conflict markers
Update sample pre-commit hook to use "diff --check"
Document the double-dash "rev -- path" disambiguator
Per-ref reflog expiry configuration
Make default expiration period of reflog used for stash infinite
t9700: skip when Test::More is not available
Update draft release notes for 1.6.0
Introduce get_merge_bases_many()
Introduce reduce_heads()
Start draft release notes for
Update draft release notes for 1.6.0
apply --root: thinkofix.
Refactor "tracking statistics" code used by "git checkout"
git-status: show the remote tracking statistics
git-branch -v: show the remote tracking statistics
fast-export --export-marks: fix off by one error
stat_tracking_info(): clear object flags used during counting
Work around gcc warnings from curl headers
Fix executable bits in t/ scripts
attribute documentation: keep EXAMPLE at end
clone -q: honor "quiet" option over native transports.
branch -r -v: do not spit out garbage
git-apply --directory: make --root more similar to GNU diff
mailinfo: feed the correct line length to decode_transfer_encoding()
Update draft release notes for 1.6.0
Teach "am" and "rebase" to mark the original position with ORIG_HEAD
Tone down warning about GNU Interactive Tools
Documentation: update sections on naming revisions and revision ranges
Start preparing release notes for
branch --contains: default to HEAD
branch --merged/--no-merged: allow specifying arbitrary commit
apply: fix copy/rename breakage
Teach merge.log to "git-merge" again
t0004: fix timing bug
Update draft release notes for 1.6.0
reduce_heads(): protect from duplicate input
git-rebase: report checkout failure
tutorial: clarify "pull" is "fetch + merge"
Update draft release notes to 1.6.0
t/aggregate-results: whitespace fix
Start preparing release notes
Update draft release notes for 1.6.0
read-cache.c: typofix
mailinfo: off-by-one fix for [PATCH (foobar)] removal from Subject: line
rerere.autoupdate: change the message when autoupdate is in effect
builtin-remote.c: fix earlier "skip_prefix()" conversion
rev-list: honor --quiet option
http-fetch: do not SEGV after fetching a bad pack idx file
t9001 (send-email): Do not use hardcoded /bin/sh in test
.mailmap update
Getting closer to 1.6.0-rc0
builtin-add.c: restructure the code for maintainability
git-add --all: add all files
git-add --all: tests
git-add --all: documentation
refresh-index: fix bitmask assignment
Link shell with compat layer functions
Move read_in_full() and write_in_full() to wrapper.c
"needs update" considered harmful
Update my e-mail address
Revert "make git-status use a pager"
tests: do not rely on external "patch"
stash save: fix parameter handling
builtin-branch.c: remove unused code in append_ref() callback function
builtin-branch.c: optimize --merged and --no-merged
Documentation: clarify diff --cc
ignore non-existent refs in dwim_log()
tests: propagate $(TAR) down from the toplevel Makefile
Makefile: fix shell quoting
Documentation: clarify how to disable elements in core.whitespace
make sure parsed wildcard refspec ends with slash
GIT 1.6.0-rc1
Allow building without any git installed
Allow installing in the traditional way
ls-tree documentation: enhance notes on subdirectory and pathspec behaviour
Documentation: clarify what is shown in "git-ls-files -s" output
t7001: fix "git mv" test
Teach gitlinks to ie_modified() and ce_modified_check_fs()
Fix merge name generation in "merge in C"
Fix test-parse-options "integer" test
Teach --find-copies-harder to "git blame"
make sure parsed wildcard refspec ends with slash
Documentation: clarify diff --cc
Update my e-mail address
Start RelNotes to describe accumulated fixes
builtin-name-rev.c: split deeply nested part from the main function
RelNotes updates
fix diff-tree --stdin documentation
Files given on the command line are relative to $cwd
GIT 1.6.0-rc2
asciidoc markup fixes
GIT-VERSION-GEN: mark the version 'dirty' only if there are modified files
mailinfo: fix MIME multi-part message boundary handling
Update draft RelNotes for 1.6.0
Fix deleting reflog entries from HEAD reflog
Re-fix rev-list-options documentation
diff --check: do not unconditionally complain about trailing empty lines
Do not talk about "diff" in rev-list documentation.
GIT 1.6.0-rc3
GIT 1.6.0

Karl Hasselström (2):
Clean up builtin-update-ref's option parsing
Make old sha1 optional with git update-ref -d

Kevin Ballard (3):
git-send-email: Accept fifos as well as files
format-patch: Produce better output with --inline or --attach
Fix escaping of glob special characters in pathspecs

Lars Hjemli (3):
builtin-branch: remove duplicated code
builtin-branch: factor out merge_filter matching
builtin-branch: fix -v for --[no-]merged

Lars Noschinski (4):
git-cvsserver: fix call to nonexistant cleanupWorkDir()
cvsserver: Add support for packed refs
cvsserver: Add cvs co -c support
cvsserver: Add testsuite for packed refs

Lea Wiemann (6): add --long-tests option
t/ add test_external and test_external_without_stderr add test suite
gitweb: standarize HTTP status codes show git init output when in verbose mode
GIT-VERSION-GEN: do not fail if a 'HEAD' file exists in the working copy

Lee Marlow (15):
bash completion: Add long options for 'git rm'
bash completion: Add completion for 'git help'
bash completion: remove unused function _git_diff_tree
bash completion: Add more long options for 'git log'
bash completion: Add completion for 'git grep'
bash completion: Add completion for 'git clone'
bash completion: Add completion for 'git clean'
bash completion: Add completion for 'git init'
bash completion: Add completion for 'git revert'
bash completion: More completions for 'git stash'
bash completion: Add completion for 'git archive'
bash completion: Add completion for 'git ls-files'
bash completion: Add completion for 'git mv'
bash completion: Add completion for 'git mergetool'
bash completion: Add '--merge' long option for 'git log'

Linus Torvalds (8):
Split up default "core" config parsing into helper routine
Split up default "user" config parsing into helper routine
Split up default "i18n" and "branch" config parsing into helper routines
Add config option to enable 'fsync()' of object files
racy-git: an empty blob has a fixed object name
Make git_dir a path relative to work_tree in setup_work_tree()
Shrink the git binary a bit by avoiding unnecessary inline functions
diff.renamelimit is a basic diff configuration

Lukas Sandström (6):
Add a helper script to send patches with Mozilla Thunderbird
git-mailinfo: document the -n option
Make some strbuf_*() struct strbuf arguments const.
Add some useful functions for strbuf manipulation.
git-mailinfo: Fix getting the subject from the in-body [PATCH] line
git-mailinfo: use strbuf's instead of fixed buffers

Marcus Griep (7):
Fix multi-glob assertion in git-svn
git-svn: Allow deep branch names by supporting multi-globs Add faculties to allow temp files to be cached
git-svn: Make it incrementally faster by minimizing temp files
git-svn: Reduce temp file usage when dealing with non-links
bash-completion: Add non-command git help files to bash-completion Make File::Spec and File::Temp requirement lazy

Marius Storm-Olsen (4):
Add an optional <mode> argument to commit/status -u|--untracked-files option
Add argument 'no' commit/status option -u|--untracked-files
Add configuration option for default untracked files mode
Windows: Add a new lstat and fstat implementation based on Win32 API.

Mark Levedahl (4):
install-doc-quick - use git --exec-path to find git-sh-setup
git-submodule - Fix bugs in adding an existing repo as a module
git-submodule - make "submodule add" more strict, and document it
git-submodule - register submodule URL if adding in place

Matt McCutchen (1):
git format-patch documentation: clarify what --cover-letter does

Matthew Ogilvie (1):
Documentation cvs: Clarify when a bare repository is needed

Michele Ballabio (6):
parse-options.c: fix documentation syntax of optional arguments Remove debug line
builtin-merge.c: Fix option parsing
builtin-push.c: Cleanup - use OPT_BIT() and remove some variables
git-gui: update po/it.po
git-gui: add a part about format strings in po/README

Mikael Magnusson (3):
Fix grammar in git-rev-parse(1).
git-gui: Update swedish translation.
gitk: Update swedish translation.

Mike Hommey (4):
Catch failures from t5540-http-push
Fix http-push test
Skip t5540-http-push test when USE_CURL_MULTI is undefined
Avoid apache complaining about lack of server's FQDN

Mike Pape (1):
We need to check for msys as well as Windows in add--interactive.

Mike Ralphson (2):
Documentation: typos / spelling fixes in older RelNotes
Documentation: typos / spelling fixes

Miklos Vajna (31):
A simple script to parse the results from the testcases
Move split_cmdline() to alias.c
Move commit_list_count() to commit.c
Move parse-options's skip_prefix() to git-compat-util.h
Add new test to ensure git-merge handles pull.twohead and pull.octopus
Move read_cache_unmerged() to read-cache.c
git-fmt-merge-msg: make it usable from other builtins
Introduce get_octopus_merge_bases() in commit.c
Add new test to ensure git-merge handles more than 25 refs.
Add new test case to ensure git-merge reduces octopus parents when possible
Retire 'stupid' merge strategy
INSTALL: Update section about git-frotz form.
hg-to-git: avoid raising a string exception
hg-to-git: abort if the project directory is not a hg repo
hg-to-git: rewrite "git-frotz" to "git frotz"
hg-to-git: use git init instead of git init-db
Add new test case to ensure git-merge prepends the custom merge message
git-commit-tree: make it usable from other builtins
Fix on AIX
Build in merge change confusing directory name use quotes for the test description
git-bisect: use dash-less form on git bisect log
make remove-dashes: apply to scripts and programs as well, not just to builtins
t6021: add a new test for git-merge-resolve
Add a new test for git-merge-resolve
Teach 'git merge' that some merge strategies no longer exist
builtin-merge: give a proper error message for invalid strategies in config
t7601: extend the 'merge picks up the best result' test
Documentation: document the pager.* configuration setting
t9300: replace '!' with test_must_fail

Nanako Shiraishi (8):
environment.c: remove unused function
config.c: make git_env_bool() static
gitcli: Document meaning of --cached and --index
cache-tree.c: make cache_tree_find() static
builtin-describe.c: make a global variable "pattern" static
parse-options.c: make check_typos() static
git am --abort
git-gui: update Japanese translation

Nguyễn Thái Ngọc Duy (2):
Move all dashed-form commands to libexecdir
Fix typo in comments of longest_ancestor_length()

Nicolas Pitre (11):
call init_pack_revindex() lazily
implement some resilience against pack corruptions
test case for pack resilience against corruptions
refactor pack structure allocation
optimize verify-pack a bit
move show_pack_info() where it belongs
verify-pack: check packed object CRC when using index version 2
verify-pack: test for detection of index v2 object CRC mismatch
repack.usedeltabaseoffset config option now defaults to "true"
pack.indexversion config option now defaults to 2
restore legacy behavior for read_sha1_file()

Nikolaj Schumacher (1):
Don't cut off last character of commit descriptions.

Nikolaus Schulz (1):
Documentation: be precise about which date --pretty uses

Olivier Marin (9):
Documentation: remove {show,whatchanged}.difftree config options
show_stats(): fix stats width calculation
builtin-rerere: more carefully find conflict markers
builtin-rm: fix index lock file path
git-am: remove dash from help message
parse-options: fix segmentation fault when a required value is missing
git am --skip: clean the index while preserving local changes
update test case to protect am --skip behaviour
builtin-verify-tag: fix -v option parsing

P. Christeas (1):
svnimport: newer libsvn wants us to ask for the root with "", not "/"

Patrick Higgins (2):
Remove the use of '--' in merge program invocation
Workaround for AIX mkstemp()

Pavel Roskin (1):
t9600: allow testing with cvsps 2.2, including beta versions

Peter Harris (1):
Add ANSI control code emulation for the Windows console

Peter Valdemar Mørch (1):
send-email: find body-encoding correctly

Petr Baudis (14): Add remote_refs() git-ls-remote frontend
Fix backwards-incompatible handling of core.sharedRepository
Documentation/git-cherry-pick.txt et al.: Fix misleading -n description
Documentation/git-submodule.txt: Add Description section
Documentation/RelNotes-1.6.0.txt: Expand on the incompatible packfiles
Documentation/git-submodule.txt: Further clarify the description
Documentation: How to ignore local changes in tracked files
Documentation/git-merge.txt: Partial rewrite of How Merge Works Allow running in bare repositories
Documentation/git-filter-branch: teach "rm" instead of "update-index --remove"
git-mv: Remove dead code branch
git-mv: Keep moved index entries inact
Fail properly when cloning from invalid HTTP URL
Adjust for the new way of enabling the default post-update hook

Philippe Bruhat (1):
mailinfo: better parse email adresses containg parentheses

Pierre Habouzit (19):
parse-opt: have parse_options_{start,end}.
parse-opt: Export a non NORETURN usage dumper.
parse-opt: create parse_options_step.
parse-opt: do not print errors on unknown options, return -2 intead.
parse-opt: fake short strings for callers to believe in.
parse-opt: add PARSE_OPT_KEEP_ARGV0 parser option.
revisions: split handle_revision_opt() from setup_revisions()
git-blame: migrate to incremental parse-option [1/2]
git-blame: migrate to incremental parse-option [2/2]
parse-options: add PARSE_OPT_LASTARG_DEFAULT flag
git-blame: fix lapsus
git-shortlog: migrate to parse-options partially.
revisions: refactor handle_revision_opt into parse_revision_opt.
builtin-merge: add missing structure initialization
git-submodule: move ill placed shift.
git-checkout: fix command line parsing.
git-checkout: improve error messages, detect ambiguities.
Allow "non-option" revision options in parse_option-enabled commands
git-submodule: move ill placed shift.

Pieter de Bie (4):
builtin-fast-export: Add importing and exporting of revision marks
git-name-rev: allow --name-only in combination with --stdin
builtin-rm: Add a --force flag
reflog test: add more tests for 'reflog delete'

Rafael Garcia-Suarez (1):
gitweb: remove git_blame and rename git_blame2 to git_blame

Ramsay Allan Jones (4):
Fix some warnings (on cygwin) to allow -Werror
t9113-*.sh: provide user feedback when test skipped Fix determination of utf-8 locale
git-request-pull: replace call to deprecated peek-remote

René Scharfe (16):
Teach new attribute 'export-ignore' to git-archive
archive: remove args member from struct archiver
add context pointer to read_tree_recursive()
archive: add baselen member to struct archiver_args
archive: centralize archive entry writing
archive: unify file attribute handling
archive: remove extra arguments parsing code
archive: make zip compression level independent from core git
archive: remove unused headers
archive: add write_archive()
archive: move parameter parsing code to archive.c
archive: define MAX_ARGS where it's needed
archive: declare struct archiver where it's needed
archive: allow --exec and --remote without equal sign
archive: allow --exec and --remote without equal sign
git-name-rev: don't use printf without format

Richard Quirk (1):
git-gui: Fix accidental staged state toggle when clicking top pixel row

Robert Blum (1):
git-p4: chdir now properly sets PWD environment variable in msysGit

Robert Shearman (1):
git-send-email: Fix authenticating on some servers when using TLS.

SZEDER Gábor (5):
stash: introduce 'stash save --keep-index' option
bash: offer only paths after '--'
checkout: mention '--' in the docs
bash: offer only paths after '--' for 'git checkout'
bash: remove redundant check for 'git stash apply' options

Shawn O. Pearce (18):
Correct documentation for git-push --mirror
Fix describe --tags --long so it does not segfault
Remove unnecessary pack-*.keep file after successful git-clone
Correct pack memory leak causing git gc to try to exceed ulimit
bash completion: Improve responsiveness of git-log completion
bash completion: Don't offer "a.." as a completion for "a."
bash completion: Append space after file names have been completed
bash completion: Resolve git show ref:path<tab> losing ref: portion
bash completion: Remove dashed command completion support
index-pack: Refactor base arguments of resolve_delta into a struct
index-pack: Chain the struct base_data on the stack for traversal
index-pack: Track the object_entry that creates each base_data
index-pack: Honor core.deltaBaseCacheLimit when resolving deltas
git-gui: Correct 'Visualize Branches' on Mac OS X to start gitk
fsck: Don't require tmp_obj_ file names are 14 bytes in length
git-gui: Fix gitk search in $PATH to work on Windows
git-gui: Update git-gui.pot for 0.11 nearing release
git-gui 0.11

Soeren Finster (1):
git-gui: Exit shortcut in MacOSX repaired

Steffen Prohaska (11):
Windows: Fix ntohl() related warnings about printf formatting
compat/pread.c: Add a forward declaration to fix a warning
Move code interpreting path relative to exec-dir to new function system_path()
help.c: Add support for htmldir relative to git_exec_path()
help (Windows): Display HTML in default browser using Windows' shell API
Refactor, adding prepare_git_cmd(const char **argv)
run-command (Windows): Run dashless "git <cmd>"
git-gui: Correct installation of library to be $prefix/share
git-gui (Windows): Switch to relative discovery of oguilib
git-gui (Windows): Change wrapper to execdir 'libexec/git-core'
Modify mingw_main() workaround to avoid link errors

Stephan Beyer (28):
api-builtin.txt: update and fix typo
t3404: stricter tests for git-rebase--interactive Add check if rebase is in progress
api-builtin.txt: update and fix typo
api-parse-options.txt: Introduce documentation for parse options API
Extend parse-options test suite
rerere: Separate libgit and builtin functions
git-am: Do not exit silently if committer is unset
t/ exit with small negagive int is ok with test_must_fail
t/: Use "test_must_fail git" instead of "! git"
Make usage strings dash-less
git-am/git-mailsplit: correct synopsis for reading from stdin
t3404: test two "preserve merges with -p" cases
Make rebase--interactive use OPTIONS_SPEC
rebase-i: keep old parents when preserving merges
api-run-command.txt: typofix
Link git-shell only to a subset of libgit.a
git-am: Add colon before the subject that is printed out as being applied
am --abort: Add to bash-completion and mention in git-rerere documentation
Make non-static functions, that may be static, static
Move launch_editor() from builtin-tag.c to editor.c
editor.c: Libify launch_editor()
git-am: Mention --abort in usage string part of OPTIONS_SPEC
git-reset: Let -q hush "locally modified" messages
builtin-revert.c: typofix
git-am: ignore --binary option
git-stash: improve synopsis in help and manual page
Improve error output of git-rebase

Stephen R. van den Berg (1):
git-daemon: SysV needs the signal handler reinstated.

Steve Haslam (3):
Propagate -u/--upload-pack option of "git clone" to transport.
Remove references to git-fetch-pack from "git clone" documentation.
Propagate -u/--upload-pack option of "git clone" to transport.

Steven Grimm (1):
Optimize sha1_object_info for loose objects, not concurrent repacks

SungHyun Nam (1):
t/Makefile: use specified shell when running aggregation script

Sverre Hvammen Johansen (1):
reduce_heads(): thinkofix

Sverre Rabbelier (2):
Modify to output stats to t/test-results/*
Hook up the result aggregation in the test makefile.

Ted Percival (1):
Don't use dash commands (git-foo) in tutorial-2

Teemu Likonen (3):
bash: Add more option completions for 'git log'
Add target "install-html" the the top level Makefile
bash: Add long option completion for 'git send-email'

Thomas Rast (18):
git-send-email: add support for TLS via Net::SMTP::SSL
git-send-email: prevent undefined variable warnings if no encryption is set
Fix 'git show' on signed tag of signed tag of commit
git-add--interactive: replace hunk recounting with apply --recount
git-add--interactive: remove hunk coalescing
git-add--interactive: manual hunk editing mode
git-send-email: Do not attempt to STARTTLS more than once
Fix apply --recount handling of no-EOL line
git-completion.bash: provide completion for 'show-branch'
bash completion: Add long options for 'git describe'
Documentation: commit-tree: remove 16 parents restriction
Documentation: filter-branch: document how to filter all refs
filter-branch: be more helpful when an annotated tag changes
Documentation: rev-list-options: Fix -g paragraph formatting
Documentation: rev-list-options: Fix a typo
Documentation: rev-list-options: Rewrite simplification descriptions for clarity
rebase -i -p: handle index and workdir correctly
rebase -i -p: fix parent rewriting

Todd Zullinger (1):
Replace uses of "git-var" with "git var"

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