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SubjectRe: Warning in during hotplug on 2.6.27-rc2-git5
On Sunday, 17 of August 2008, Andi Kleen wrote:
> > > > I'm still seeing it on 2.6.27-rc2, even with the
> > > > patch here and the
> > > > wbinvd_halt code patch applied. Maybe something else
> > > > broke in some of the recent hotplug changes?
> > >
> > > My guess is that MCE does somthing that is not allowed by sysfs any more.
> >
> > Hm, sysfs hasn't changed any in 2.6.27-rcX that I know of.
> mce hasn't either in this regard. My current theory is that the CPU
> up/down notifiers are not balanced anymore (as in duplicated up events)

It doesn't look like this is the case. Moreover, had that been the case, we'd
have had many reports from people doing suspend/hibernation, but it doesn't

I think that cpu_down() fails for some reason and that causes the subsequent
onlining to fail. I'd like to find out what's the root cause of that.


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