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SubjectRe: fs: Make linux kernel parser's match_table_t const
Hi Steven,

On Fri, 15 Aug 2008 15:00:42 +0100 Steven Whitehouse <> wrote:
> Unlike the previous version, I've put the "const" by the individual
> variable declarations, all aside from the nfsroot one that is
> which was the cause of the problems. That is marked as __initconst
> instead.

A much better approach - hiding the "const" in the typedef was always a
bit strange.

> Is this trivial enough for the trivial tree, or is there a better
> place for it, VFS tree, or direct into linux-next for example?

linux-next currently has no easy way to include single patches like
this. An alternative approach would be to ask Linus to take just the
changes to match_token() into his tree now (as they are clearly correct
and don't adversely affect any other code) and then send all the other
bits to each of the maintainers. That way we avoid possible conflicts in
linux-next over the following months and during the next merge window.

Stephen Rothwell
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