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SubjectRegression in 2.6.27-rc2 when cross-building the kernel
One of my i386 systems used just for testing can take up to 18 hours 
to build a new kernel with about 200 modules. When performing a
bisection, this gets rather tedious. As a result, I moved the kernel
sources to an NFS volume, do the majority of the work as a cross-build
on my x86_64 computer, and only switch to the slow machine to install
the kernel and modules. Somewhere between 2.6.27-rc1 and -rc2, the
module installation broke because the build leaves
scripts/basic/fixdep as a 64-bit program that will not run on the
32-bit system. Once I get to the i386 machine, I delete the two
programs from scripts/basic/, manually rebuild them with a 'make
scripts/basic/' and then do the final 'make modules_install install'.


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