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SubjectRe: [PATCH 1/4] integrity: TPM internel kernel interface

> > And what happens when the chip simply goes away due to a hotplug action?
> > Or not even the actual chip goes away but just the chip driver and you
> > now dereference freed memory?
> Being a TCG/TPM person, I can only address the first question. The
> intent is that the TPM is soldered to the planar/motherboard (the TCG
> uses the phrase "bound to the platform"). I can't imagine
> any manufacturer designing a pluggable TPM. It would subvert PCR

Only 2 TPMs I've seen were on pluggable modules... which was fortunate
because they slowed down boot by 5+ minutes, and broke it completely
in other cases. Nickname 'kurvitko' (aka useless trash that breaks
stuff). They are currently lying under my table, disconnected.

(OTOH they were not on PCI, but on some low-count pin header).
(cesky, pictures)

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